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St. Patrick's Day

Внеклассное разновозрастное мероприятие

Горбанёва А. Н.
учитель английского языка
г. Майкоп

Участвуют 2, 8, 9, 10, 11 классы. 
Ведущие вечера – 3 ученицы 10 класса.

P1: Dear friends! Ladies and gentlemen, children and grown-ups, you are welcome to our party, dedicated to St. Patrick's Day, which is always held on the 17th of March. St. Patrick is one of the popular holidays in Europe and in America. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Do you know why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. Would you like to know about a gift of the Blarney Stone. Let us see a film about Ireland. (video)


P2: And now we are going to begin our party with a contest «Clever girls and clever boys». We ask our participants to take their places! Let me introduce them: ... And this is our honourable jury. Applause, please.

Well, let's draw the lanes. The day before our contest girls were asked to do the task, to advertise a holiday in Ireland. Well, imagine, you are representatives of some travel agencies. Who is the first to begin?

P2: Choose a lane!

You can be mistaken once (twice). You can't be mistaken at all.

P2: Should the girl be decorated with an order?

P2: And now some questions to all of you...

Jury: Listen to the results. You are the winners. You have got more orders than the others and you are invited to enter Dublin University without any exams. We can see that you know a lot about Ireland. And when you study there you'll get to know much more.

Song: «Molly Malone» (вокальная группа учениц 11 класса)


P1: Thank you. And now we are going to have a quiz «Welcome to Ireland». I am your quiz-master. O.K. Now listen while I explain the rules. I'll ask questions about Ireland, its literature, history, political system, geography. Who knows the answer, raise your hand. You will get a shamrock for the right answer. We'll see who gets the most shamrocks. The winner will get a prize. (участники викторины учащиеся 9 класса).

Song: «My Irish Molly» (вокальная группа учениц 11 класса)

P2: There are many holidays in Ireland but St. Patrick's Day is the favourite one. It is a day to remember the Irish people in the US and Ireland. Green is Ireland's national colour. Do you know how people in America celebrate the memory of Saint Patrick?

P3: Yes, I do. More than 150,000 people march in the parade. Almost a million people line the streets to watch. The lights on top of the Empire State Building are turned green. Millions of real shamrocks are flown from Ireland to the United States. They are used for decorations. Everything turns green on St. Patrick's Day. Children and adults wear something green. Can you imagine that some people even drink green beer?

P2: Yes, I know that. Shops prepare green food: green bread, green ice cream and green milkshakes. And I've read that in Chicago even the Chicago River dyed green. In what other ways do people celebrate this day?

P3: They go to parties where they eat Irish food corned beef and cabbage and drink Irish coffee. Children don't go to school on Saint Patrick's Day. They make shamrocks; they wear green ribbons and badges. Children dance and play game.

Сценка «Spring is coming» (учащиеся 2 класса).

P3: Irish songs can be heard everywhere.

Song «Ireland» (вокальная группа учениц 11 класса)


P2: In Ireland St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday. By the way, have you ever heard about St. Patrick before?

P3: Of course, I have. St. Patrick was a very special person. He was a priest in Ireland many years ago. He was greatly loved by the Irish people. He performed many miracles. There are many stories about him. A well-known legend says there are no snakes in Ireland because St. Patrick sent them away.

P2: And now let's listen to the story about his life and how he converted the Irish people to Christianity.


Инсценировка легенды 

(4 человека из 8 класса, автор – ученица 11 класса).

Author: About four hundred years after Jesus had been crucified; a boy called Patrick lived in a town on the west coast of Britain. His family and neighbours were Christians, and so Patrick was brought up to believe in God.

One day, when Patrick was about 16 years old, the town was attacked by pirates. Some of the people escaped and hid in the mountains. However, Patrick and many others were not so lucky. They were captured by the pirates, tied up and put on board ship. Patrick was brought to Ireland and sold as a slave. Patrick's work was to look after sheep and pigs. The hillside was cold and bare, and Patrick was often very cold and hungry. Patrick spent six years as a slave. During the lonely days and nights he prayed very often and a great love of God grew in his heart.

Patrick: In a single day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and almost as many in the night.

Author: Then at night as he was praying, a strange thing happened. A voice spoke to him.

Voice: Go to the coast. There is a ship waiting there to take you home.

Patrick: It is the voice of God. I will obey.

Author: He immediately set off towards the coast. When he went there, it was just as the voice had told him. A ship lay in the bay. After a long voyage, Patrick reached home. He was very happy to be among his family and friends again. At night, however, he began to have strange dreams. In his dream he saw an angel handing him a letter. The words in the letter read "The Voice of the Irish". As he read the words he heard children's voices.

Voices: Come back to us in Ireland and walk among us again and teach us about God Father.

Author: Patrick knew that this was God's way of asking him back to teach the pagan Irish about Jesus. After years of study he became a priest. Later he became a bishop. In the year 432 he was sent to Ireland by the Pope, to preach the Good News.

When Patrick arrived in Ireland, he set out for the High King's palace at Tara. It was the custom of the pagan god of spring. The High King Laoire made an order that nobody should light a fire before he had lit his own fire at Tara. Patrick and his followers camped on the Hill of Slane near Tara. It was holy Thursday night, and Patrick ordered that a fire be lit in honour of Easter. When King Laoire saw Patrick's fire, he became very angry. He sent for his druid.

King: Who has lit the fire?

Druid: I do not know, but if that fire is not put out tonight, it will never be put out in Ireland.

Author: King Laoire was more angry than ever. He ordered his soldiers to capture the person who had lit the fire. Patrick was brought before the King.

King: Why have you disobeyed me?

Patrick: My fire is different to your fire.

Author: He told the King about God's love and how God brings light to those in darkness. He used a shamrock to show him how there are three persons in One God. The King had never heard a story like this before. He was not angry anymore. From that day on he became one of Saint Patrick's friends. King Laoire himself didn't become a Christian, but he gave Patrick permission to preach to the people of Ireland.


P1: Let's listen to the poem «Patrick and the King»

P4: The king held up the glowing torch
To light the sacred fire.
The people watched with shining eyes
To see the flames grow higher.

P5: Факел в руки взял король,
Чтоб огонь зажечь священный,
И стоял перед толпой,
Ждущей зрелищ вдохновенных.

P4: But wait, the king has stopped to look,
The people stand amazed.
See there, upon another hill
Another fire has blazed.

P5: Но вот король отвёл свой взгляд –
Толпа застыла в изумленье,
Оборотив свой взгляд назад,
Они увидели виденье.

P4: Oh, see, the king is full of rage,
Oh, see, the soldiers fly
To catch the man who broke the law,
That man will surely die.

P5: И в ярости король узрел
Огонь иной на возвышенье.
Солдат отправить он велел,
Чтоб наказать за преступленье.
«Нарушил некто наш закон,
Быть предан казни должен он».

P4: «I lit the fire», the stranger said
«So all would see and know
That Jesus warmed the hearts of men
So many years ago».

P5: «Это я зажёг огонь и пламя жизни засветил»,-
Так незнакомец говорил.
«Пусть знают все, что в глубине веков
Иисус согрел сердца людские».

P4: So all who see my little fire
Upon that little hill
Would know the one who loved us then
Is here to love us still».

P5: И это пламя – дар богов.
Нас согревает и поныне...
Любовь свою несём в себе
И славим Господа везде!

P4: The king was glad to hear his words,
He took him by the hand.
And soon, the fire that Patrick lit
Would blaze throughout the land.

P5: Король прозрел, услышав эти речи.
Обнял он Патрика за плечи.
Огонь любви зажжённый на холме,
Разнёсся вмиг по всей стране!

P1: (Выходит в центр со свечой в руке)

We light our candles. Just as Patrick's fire on the Hill of Slane reminded the people that God was always with them, our candles remind us that God is with us. God brings us the light of love in our hearts and in our world. We ask God to help to keep the light of God's love burning always.

(Все участники мероприятия встают с зажженными свечами в руке и произносят слова молитвы)


(на усмотрение администрации школы и родителей)

P1: God, our Creator, help us to keep the light of your love burning in our lives.
Everybody: God, bless us and keep us we pray.

P1: God, our Creator, help up to keep the light of your love burning in our school.
Everybody: God, help us and keep us we pray.

P1: God, our Creator, help us to keep the light of your love burning in our hearts and homes.
Everybody: God, bless us and keep us we pray.


St. Patrick's Song


See Saint Patrick's flame
Sing Saint Patrick's name
Patrick's fire burns bright
Patrick brings the light

Into the night (twice).

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