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Ideas for Good Deeds

Черничкина Людмила Вениаминовна 
г. Волгоград


  • Give a real compliment to 5 people you meet today.
  • Every night, for a week, write down 10 things for which you were thankful during the day.
  • Photocopy this list and give to any people at the shop.
  • Share a book.
  • Make bookmarks with good words and leave them inside books of a public library.
  • Email someone you like and tell him/her why.
  • Write a letter to your local administration and express your suggestions for the community.
  • Write little notes of thanks and give them to waiters at fast food restaurants.
  • Cook a meal for your family.
  • Make a really good sandwich and give it to a street vendor (seller).
  • Buy flowers for your mum.
  • Buy flowers for your dad.


Ideas for Good Deeds

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